Elkarasam, World Farmland

Elkarasam, World Farmland

What differentiates us

One of our key competencies is the ability to procure goods directly from farmers and producers around the world. Not only does this lead to cheaper goods, but it also enables us to maintain product identity and reduce costs across the supply chain, thus leading to our competitive advantage in the market.

Elkarasam's Products

Best products directly from agricultural lands

Why Elkarasam?

Technical knowledge, experience, management team, support and service to you

Effective communication

Extensive relationship and shareholding relationship with the most reputable agricultural trading companies around the world


Subsidiary of the entire country's pension investment fund, and the ability to create added value

Extensive international supply & trade network

Extensive network of international communications through overseas agencies, in order to create a better service process with the world

Professional financial team

Extensive capacity in domestic and international financing and trade

Mission & Vission

customer and partner satisfaction

Development of company through the development of new products in the form of brand for easy and fast access of all people in the world to quality products and food.

Satisfaction of customers and employees by creating an integrated and customer-oriented organization by providing what you deserve.

One of our key competencies is the ability to procure goods directly from farmers / producers around the world.


Whatever you need to know.
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