One of our key competencies is the ability to procure goods directly from farmers / producers around the world.


Development of company through the development of new products in the form of brand for easy and fast access of all people in the world to quality products and food.

Our Goal is to create a global farm for byers and sellers around the world to interact and for all human beings to have access to quality food.


One of our key competencies is the ability to procure goods directly from farmers and producers around the world. Not only does this lead to cheaper goods, but it also enables us to maintain product identity and reduce costs across the supply chain, thus leading to our competitive advantage in the market.

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Elkarasam, World Farmland

Who We Are?

Elkarsam Trading Group has started as a customer-oriented company with the aim of providing a global farm in the field of import and export of various agricultural products. Our main activity includes buying and selling goods such as grains, pulses, rice, cereals and other agricultural products and sending these products worldwide. We are also committed to providing food for humanitarian organizations. We know our credibility is critical to success, and that credibility is gained through our interactions with employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, competitors and others. ElKarsam promises the best quality products, sourcing its best products directly from agricultural lands and processing areas around the world. We believe in meeting the needs of our customers with the diligent support of a team of highly skilled, efficient and experienced people, and we are all members of the ElKarsam family.

What sets us apart.

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