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Lentils and its benefits

The oldest evidence of lentils discovered by humans is in southern Greece, which dates back to 11,000 BC, given that the beans discovered date back to 8,000 BC. Therefore, it can be said that lentils were one of the first agricultural products used by humans. Canada produces about half of the world's lentils, or about 3.5 million tonnes.

Lentil Types

Properties and benefits of lentils:

1. Muscle production
2:Diabetes control
3. Improve digestion
4. heart health
5. Prevention of atherosclerosis
6. Cancer prevention
7. Rich in folic acid
8. Weight control
9. Healthy nervous system
10. Abundant iron content
11. Improve fuel and metabolism

Laird Green Lentil
In international trade, it is called Laird Type. The seeds have a size of about 7.5 to 6.5 mm and each 1000 seeds weigh about 69-62 grams.

Rehlea Green Lentil
Called Richlea in international trade, the seeds weigh about 5.5 to 6 millimeters and weigh about 50-56 grams per 1,000 seeds.

Eston Green Lentil

In international trade it is called Eston and has grains of about 4 to 2.5 mm in size, and each of its 1000 seeds weighs about 33-37 grams.
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Elkarsam Trading Group has started as a customer-oriented company with the aim of providing a global farm in the field of import and export of various agricultural products. Our main activity includes buying and selling goods such as grains, pulses, rice, cereals and other agricultural products and sending these products worldwide. We are also committed to providing food for humanitarian organizations. We know our credibility is critical to success, and that credibility is gained through our interactions with employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, competitors and others. ElKarsam promises the best quality products, sourcing its best products directly from agricultural lands and processing areas around the world. We believe in meeting the needs of our customers with the diligent support of a team of highly skilled, efficient and experienced people, and we are all members of the ElKarsam family.

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